Kew Gardens

Acrylic and mixed media on paper. 59cm x 84cm (Sold). Available as Giclee print or greeting card.

Lean on Me

Colograph on fabric. Created for upcoming pop up in Templars Square shopping centre in Oxford.

Why is Misogyny Still a Thing?

“I would like to be the air that inhabits you for a moment only. I would like to be that unnoticed and that necessary” (Margaret Atwood)


Wire, willow, traces of thread from blankets.

Bearing The Light

Stop-motion video with reading of ‘Bearing the Light’, a poem by Denise Levertov.

Just Add Water

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Turnip print poster – available as postcards, tea towel, poster, fridge magnet.

Turnip Print 3

Available as Greeting Card, postcard, tea towel, fridge magnet, poster

Turnip Print 4

Available as poster, postcard, fridge magnet and coasters.

Traces & Turnips

Monoprint Footprint in the dust at abandoned former ironworks. Turnip prints in honour of the turnip cutter, thousands of which were manufactured there from 1858 until 1912. Shown as they were exhibited at our show ”Just Add Water” in July 2021.

Britannia Works – no more

Two monoprints based on photgraphs of the site and some of the workforce of Britannia Ironworks in Banbury, home of the Banbury Turnip Cutter

Water of Leith

Pastel and watercolour on watercolour paper 31cm x 43cm

Full Moon

Pastel on paper. Responding to Alice Oswald’s poem “Full Moon” 70cm x 53cm Poem by Alice Oswald

The Britannia Ironworks

Series of photographs with text from Meacham’s “Guide to the Great Western Railway”, featuring excerpts from his descriptions of the works – in contrast to glimpses of the contemporary abandoned industrial buildings.

Resonant Stitching

15cm squares on washed paint rags – stitched during lockdown (while listening and responding to clients on Zoom)